Guido’s Hairdressing Salon by George Ray



Barber shop

Guido’s Barber shop

Guido’s Hairdressing Salon

After Jimmy retired Guido became the new owner and he’s still there cutting hair to this day. “He is one of the best Barbers in St Marys” says George Ray (2010). Guido Piccialli at Guido’s Hairdressing Salon and Barber Shop in Queen Street, St Marys.

“I’ve been coming to Guido’s for over 50 years now, no-one but Guido cuts my hair…” says George Ray.

“It was one of the first barber shops open in St Marys, originally owned by Jimmy Hackett situated under the Crown Picture Theatre, which is all shops now. Guido assumed ownership once Jimmy retired. They’ve always given good haircuts and are one of the oldest established businesses in St Marys.” George Ray, June 2010

Photograph by George Ray 2010

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